Warming Up with Tulle Skirt!

What if Tulle skirts, the heat of the last season, be part of your wardrobe for this season too! What’s better than reusing or I should say having a multiple use of stuffs. Last summer I stitched a tulle skirt but unfortunately didn’t get the chance to wear it.  So thought why not to wear it now, just have to make few tiny-miny changes with the look.


Earlier tulle skirt was a party element but now it’s more of casual. Remove all the blinks and wear a full sleeve tee with the skirt keeping winters in mind. Dark shade tulle skirts look better than lighter once but contrastingly, bright tee can be worn with it, just the way I chose Wine Shade Tulle Skirt (Made by Me 😉 ) with White Eiffel Tower printed tee. Instead of tee, a white shirt along with a grey sweater can be worn too. what about a sweat shirt?


Stockings or knee high socks will look great with this look, although I’m not wearing one (neither I had nor require according to current temperature in Kolkata). Dress more with less you know ;-). Instead of socks I opted for ankle length boots. Wore a normal belt but with a loop and knot. I don’t like earrings much instead I feel more comfortable with rings and bracelets. Nowadays we get a removal chain slings with clutch bags. I took that chain, rolled it on my wrist and it turned out to a super chic bracelet!

I kept my complete look very simple with minimalistic makeup. Proper moisturized skin, eyeliner and soft rose lip balm from Nivea.


If it’s cold and sunny outside then just layer it with jacket or sweater. I wore my leather jacket. For the sun rays my glares were of help.

I wore tulle skirt but any other skirt can also be worn in same way and just rock the streets girls!


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